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Microsoft Designer Could Boost Creativity With New AI-Powered Features

The Windows company says artificial intelligence will help users augment creative workflows and overcome roadblocks

Microsoft has removed the waitlist for its new Microsoft Designer preview, which includes an expanded set of features to help individuals be productive and creative.

The tool uses AI technology to simplify the creative process and helps users overcome creative roadblocks, while also assisting them in each stage of the creative journey.

Microsoft Designer offers users the ability to quickly create visuals, social media posts, and invitations using generative AI technology. The Windows company has now integrated Designer into Microsoft Edge, which marks the first step in future integrations.

“We continue to demonstrate this commitment with new tools that help unleash creativity and imagination by enabling any type of digital ideation and creation – no professional skills required,” said Microsoft. “Microsoft Designer simplifies the creative journey by helping you get started quickly, augment creative workflows, and overcome creative roadblocks.”

Harnessing the power of generative AI

The updated version of Designer in preview includes several new features to help users create high-quality graphics with ease, such as AI-powered suggestions for copywriting and font pairing for social media posts.

This will allow users to customise and resize designs more easily, as well as create animated visuals. The tech firm also plans to add more features soon, including Fill, Expand background, Erase, and Replace background.

“Leveraging generative AI, the tool now offers suggestions you can choose from to assist in crafting the perfect captions and witty hashtags that align with your design,” the company wrote.

Microsoft is committed to harnessing the power of innovative technology to expand what’s possible for individuals and empower them to achieve great things by evolving its products to meet their changing needs.

The Windows company believes that, “Creativity is more important to individuals than ever before” and is allowing users to try out the Microsoft Designer expanded public preview for free by visiting the Designer website or logging into their Microsoft account.

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