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Twisted Metal Live-Action Series Debuts First Teaser Trailer

Anthony Mackie must survive a wasteland filled with marauders in Peacock’s new TV streaming series

Streaming platform Peacock has released the first teaser trailer for Twisted Metal, another video game adaptation, which shows Anthony Mackie loading up his shotgun and gearing up for some carnage.

The live-action Twisted Metal series has tapped the current MCU’s Captain America to star as John Doe, a talkative outsider who must drive dangerously to survive a wasteland filled with marauders in death machines to deliver a mysterious package for an obscure benefactor.

The new teaser begins with Mackie’s gloved hands turning the key and starting the twisted game. Before driving away, he loads up a shotgun and plays his ‘Road Mix’ CD. Len’s “Steal My Sunshine” blasts through the speakers, and Mackie jams out before hitting the gas.

In the final scenes, he races down the road with guns blazing on his car while an overhead shot shows widespread destruction happening all around.

Prepare for chaos

The Twisted Metal franchise is known for its quirky gameplay and the combination of upbeat music and violent imagery creates the desired action-comedy tone.

The mood soon turns dark when the camera zooms in on Sweet Tooth, the crazed ice cream truck driven by the terrifying clown Needles Kane. A wall of bloody knives is revealed, and Needles appears as sinister as ever, shifting the tone from fun and games to horror.

Samoa Joe, the two-time All Elite Wrestling TNT Champion, embodies the eerie Sweet Tooth character in the series. Providing the voice for Sweet Tooth is Will Arnett, known for his role in Bojack Horseman, who brings a blend of comedy and emotion to the character.

Twisted Metal is just the newest in a rapidly growing list of video game adaptations this year. We’ve already had our first look at the Gran Turismo movie, while future adaptations from flagship franchises include God of War, Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima and others.

All 10 episodes of Twisted Metal are scheduled to premiere exclusively on Peacock come July 27th.

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