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PWC Enters The Metaverse With Launch Of First Public World On Decentraland

Alex Rühl of PWC UK said, ‘It’s my biggest hope that metaverse platforms such as this can help bring us together’

PWC, an international professional services brand of firms, has launched its first public metaverse world on Decentraland.

While it remains a nascent space that hasn’t yet reached global adoption, PWC believes that the metaverse, much like AI, will change how we all do business. “It will affect how we sell and purchase things, sign and enforce contracts, recruit and train talent, and interact with customers and communities,” PWC wrote.

The company claims that it has a worldwide community of ‘solvers’ that have spent years researching, experimenting and advising various organisations on emerging technologies related to the metaverse.

Alex Rühl, head of metaverse technologies at PWC UK said, “PwC have launched our first public metaverse world on Decentraland. The experience we’ve built allows users to explore PwC’s floating island and learn about sustainability through a series of quests.

“We all know the climate crisis is the biggest problem our world is facing – step one. Now we need to find new, engaging ways to equip everyone with the knowledge on what to do next. It’s my biggest hope that metaverse platforms such as this can help bring us together to power step two and three,” said Rühl.

Entering the virtual space

From strategy to build, to launch to growth, PWC aims to help users navigate their way through the evolving technological, commercial and regulatory landscape of the metaverse with a worldwide end-to-end approach.

“We bring our deep experience and a multidisciplinary view to the next set of digital environments, platforms and technologies that will change the way we communicate, connect, and work.”

Since different users have specific challenges and opportunities, PWC believes it can help them get to their destination. You can check out PWC’s first public metaverse world on Decentraland from the official website.

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