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The Unioverse Launches Playable Alpha

Formerly codenamed the Danger Room, the Proving Grounds will see players wall-run, jump and shoot their way through a course

The Unioverse has launched its first playable alpha called the Proving Grounds that’ll allow players to test their Hero NFTs in the first phase of the Unioverse’s video game ecosystem.

Formerly codenamed the Danger Room, the Proving Grounds will allow players to run, jump and shoot their way through a course using their Reyu NFT in an actual game environment.

Built as a mode in the Unioverse Viewer, players can also drop the same Reyu that they have in their wallet into the Proving Grounds and use that particular character to wall-run, climb and shoot their way through the course.

Accessing the Proving Grounds

The Unioverse’s Proving Grounds is still in a very early alpha build of a playable game environment. And although it’s not a full game yet, it’ll demonstrate some of the actions that the franchise’s heroes will be able to do in the Unioverse games.

To access the Proving Grounds, users will need a registered Unioverse account and download the Unioverse Viewer that’s available on PC only. After downloading the Unioverse Viewer, users can also check out other versions of Reyu in the Genesis Collection while more tweaks and features are added throughout the year.

All registered Unioverse account holders will get their Reyu Clone airdropped today – April 26th – the same day the alpha version of the Proving Grounds launches.

Existing Unioverse account holders with a Reyu Genesis or a Reyu Clone will have exclusive access to The Proving Grounds. New accounts will receive a free NFT hero.

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