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Random Games Reveals First Unioverse Hero NFT Collection

“These NFTs are your ticket to access everything the Unioverse will offer…”

Random Games, a development studio that’s looking to reshape the entertainment business with its game-first, community-owned franchise called the Unioverse, has revealed Reyu Genesis, its first collection of Hero NFTs.

Reyu, a Ja’Din warrior who emerged from the Unioverse’s comic storybook, is one of the franchise’s protagonists in the nascent sci-fi franchise.

Tony Harman, CEO and co-founder of Random Games commented, “Our community is the bedrock of the Unioverse, and we are eternally grateful to the early adopters who have been actively engaged in our community and following along with our development. Giving away this Reyu Genesis Hero NFT collection is our way of saying thank you, and get ready for all the great things ahead!”

Each Hero NFT that’s released will be unique across dozens of visual parameters and will give holders access to upcoming games in the Unioverse. There are going to be 20,000 distinct Reyu Genesis Hero NFTs across different rarities, with each being a fully rendered 3D, AAA-quality, game-ready character.

“The Reyu Genesis Reveal event is a culmination of everything we’ve developed thus far. It’s our public launch of the Unioverse to those who haven’t been part of the community and claiming the free Collectible NFTs. If you want to play the upcoming Unioverse games, you’ll need to buy one of our Hero NFTs off Opensea. These NFTs are your ticket to access everything the Unioverse will offer,” said Wyeth Ridgway, Founder and CTO of Random Games.

The Reyu Genesis Hero NFT mint will be free on Ethereum for existing Unioverse users who have been collecting the franchise’s Collectibles and Protens (loyalty points) for some time. Protens can be earned by collecting the free Unioverse Collectible NFTs and the longer these Collectibles are held, the more Protens a user will earn. And with enough Protens, users can redeem them for other digital assets in the Unioverse such as the Reyu Genesis Hero NFT which can be viewed using the Unioverse viewer.

The Unioverse has grown significantly in its first three months after launch. The platform was ranked the 6th project by sales volume across all blockchains on Opensea and has amassed more than 130,000 community members, most of which have claimed over 820,000 collectables NFTs so far.

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