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thatgamecompany And The Ocean Cleanup Team Up To Keep Our Planet Clean With In-game Event

The clean-up efforts of the last two years have raised more than $1.3 million from players

Sky: Children of the Light’s Days of Nature limited-time event is officially underway. During the event, players will experience a new quest, encounter new items and help eliminate plastic pollution from oceans in-game and in real life.

For the third consecutive year, thatgamecompany has partnered with The Ocean Cleanup – a nonprofit that aims to employ technologies to help rid the world’s oceans and rivers of the immense amount of plastic that enters them.

Ever since their partnership, Sky has raised a total of over $1.3 million for The Ocean Cleanup organisation.

Play and support

Sky players can continue to support The Ocean Cleanup by purchasing available charity items for this year’s Days of Nature event, including the Nature Glasses Pack, Nature Sonorous Seashell, Nature Turtle Pack, Ocean Cape, Earth Cape and the Ocean Necklace. A portion of the revenue generated from these items will be donated to the organisation.

“The past two years of Days of Nature have focused on ocean clean-up efforts, and in those two years, players have raised an incredible total of $1,333,201 to support the work going into those efforts,” wrote thatskygame in a post.

Beyond new items, Days of Nature expands the world of Sky with a new quest. The Nature Guide Spirit in Home will offer to take players to one of the Sanctuary islands of Daylight Prairie.

From there, players will progress on a mission to clean debris and other darkness from the waters to free new Light Creature friends. This quest (and the new Light Creature friends!) will remain in the game even after Days of Nature concludes.

Days of Nature will run until May 7th 2023 and you can learn more about other ways to contribute from the official page.

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