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TikTok’s Branded Effects Lets Marketers Build Interactive AR Experiences

These effects incorporate interactive elements such as textures, materials, lighting, and shadows to enhance the overall augmented reality experience

Popular social media site TikTok has launched a series of new AR features on its Effect House AR creation platform, specifically designed for brand marketers.

The platform enables them to create and personalise branded AR lenses or “effects,” as the Chinese video hosting service refers to them.

Marketers can now create interactive experiences for their products with the launch of Branded Effects. The program will allow them to build virtual try-ons for items such as makeup, sunglasses, and hair colour, as well as offer mini-games and serendipitous randomisers for users.

Helping marketers get started with AR

The new AR feature offers marketers a comprehensive set of tools to create AR content, including templates, tutorials, and documentation on how to develop various types of effects.

These effects incorporate interactive elements such as textures, materials, lighting, and shadows to enhance the overall AR experience.

TikTok has identified several industries that can utilise Branded Effects to their advantage, including personal care, beauty, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, and retail.

Global AR expansion

Microsoft has been named as one of the launch partners for Branded Effects, despite productivity software being an unconventional candidate for AR. However, the company has already garnered millions of views for its effect that features the classic “Word Art” from Microsoft Office.

Several launch partners have reported positive results from their Branded Effects campaigns, with Mucinex experiencing a 42.7% increase in purchase intent.

Beauty brand Laneige, gum maker Dirol, and Shoppers Drug Mart are among the other partners that have seen favourable outcomes. The diverse range of partners, including Microsoft and these brands, shows that AR is expanding beyond its traditional use cases.

Surprise! It’s a free feature

The fact that Branded Effects is available free encourages brands to engage with the platform to generate revenue in the future when brands pay for further marketing.

The new feature can also attract marketers using its Effects formats which can include calls-to-action. This allows the Effects to be both demonstrative and actionable, which can lead to actual return on investment for brands.

TikTok also provides analytics for brands to assess the performance of Branded Effects.

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