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AI GameToEarn Combines Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain And NFTs With $100k Prize Pool

‘We believe everyone should get the opportunity to earn rewards and have some fun along the way’

Powered by artificial intelligence, AI GameToEarn is a new Web3 mobile and PC platform that aims to revolutionise the way games are played by offering players an enjoyable gaming experience and connecting them with other crypto lovers around the globe.

Created by the team at Exordium, developers of over 15 casual games and more than 100 prototypes, the team is focused on taking the development and deployment of their platform to a new level.

The introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency has provided a gateway to novel avenues for generating income and expanding prospects for people across the globe. The gaming industry has also witnessed a significant rise in profitability owing to the advent of play-to-earn games in recent years.

AI GameToEarn is the latest addition to the gaming world that offers several revolutionary features to enhance the gaming experience.

The team says, “Our project is for everyone, regardless of age or gaming experience. We believe everyone should get the opportunity to earn rewards and have some fun along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just a crypto lover, our platform is designed to offer something for everyone.”

A fair gameplay experience

With the use of AI, blockchain technology, and AI NFTs, the platform aims to ensure that each game is fair, transparent, and user-friendly. The platform also incorporates the use of AI NFTs into the gaming world, which AI GameToEarn says translates to better and more exciting prizes for players.

“Each registered user will get a package of our BPC (Beta Platform Coins). The value of the package depends on the value of the purchased AI NFT… “Our Beta Platform Coin can be used to buy in-game items, or you can decide to hold on to them and wait for them to become Platform Coins that will have monetary value and will be able to be exchanged for other coins or currencies.”

The platform has also guaranteed a $100,000 prize pool in the first month on the leaderboard. This encourages any NFT owner to put their skills to the test and try to emerge victorious.

In later stages, AI Game to Earn plans to introduce DAO governance, allowing users to propose and vote on key platform decisions such as the allocation of funds, changes to platform rules, and even picking games to publish on the platform.

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