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Apple’s Tim Cook Says XR Could Be, ‘Even Better Than The Real World’

The CEO is bullish about the potential of augmented reality and virtual reality ahead of this summer’s WWDC

Apple CEO Tim Cook has discussed some of the best features to expect from the company’s upcoming XR device that’s rumoured to be revealed at its Worldwide Developers Conference event this June 5th.

In a recent interview by GQ‘s Zach Baron, Cook explained that he joined Apple after Steve Jobs convinced him that the tech company could change the world. And the behemoth company has gone on to do just that by manufacturing the iPhone, iPod, Mac and other globally used products today.

Some have speculated that similar to how Meta plans to bring its metaverse ambitions to life and create a whole new way for people to work and communicate, Apple could be on a path to changing everyday reality with its XR device.

Speaking with GQ, Cook talked about XR’s potential and how it could be, “Even better than the real world.

“If you think about technology with augmented reality, just to take one side of the AR/VR piece, the idea that you can overlay the physical world with things from the digital world, people’s communication, can greatly enhance people’s connections,” Cook said, “It can empower people to achieve things they couldn’t achieve before.”

The CEO went on to say, “We can do something simple and all of a sudden we can digitally pull something out and both see it and start collaborating on it and building with it. And so the idea that there’s an environment that can be even better than just the real world — overlaying the virtual world on top of it can be an even better world.”

Apple XR potential features

Apple has been working on its XR device for some time now and although the iPhone company is yet to officially release the device specifications, leaked details of the headsets were revealed earlier this year which shows it is made of aluminium, carbon fibre and glass. And that the XR headset is lightweight and compact, and offers a 120-degree field of view, which is more expansive than both the Meta Quest Pro’s and Magic Leap 2’s and will come with a central processor and an IPS processor for processing video.

“My thinking is always evolving. Steve [Jobs] taught me well: Never marry your beliefs of yesterday. Always, if something new is presented that says you were wrong, accept it and move on instead of going back and saying why you are right.”

Apple’s WWDC event will take place in June and although there’s no official price tag yet, a report from Bloomberg suggests that the company’s XR device could retail for around $3,000 once released.

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