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Hadean Raises $5 Million To Build Its Metaverse Infrastructure

CEO Craig Beddis says, ‘Our objective is to bridge physical and virtual worlds to improve decision-making and enhance the quality of life in the real world’

London-based start-up Hadean has raised $5 million from new Web3, Gaming and Enterprise global investors to facilitate the rapid build-out of the company’s metaverse infrastructure solution.

The startup says its metaverse infrastructure is a critical component for the creation of immersive vast virtual worlds for training, entertainment and data-driven digital twins for the enterprise.

After announcing a $30 million Series A investment in September 2022, Hadean’s latest backing comes at a turbulent time for the tech industry, building on the company’s cloud-based solutions enabler and demonstrating the company’s ability and potential to deliver value to users through its Web3 capabilities.

Hadean CEO, Craig Beddis said, “We are thrilled to have the support of such a diverse and experienced group of investors. This additional funding will enable us to continue the significant progress we have made off the back of our Series A and expedite the advancement of our cloud-based solutions for the metaverse.”


The startup’s technology has been used to power large-scale applications including the EVE Online Aether Wars space battle event in 2020, in partnership with game developers CCP Games, and a city-sized digital replication of Estonia, in partnership with training and simulation specialists CAE.

“Our objective is to bridge physical and virtual worlds to improve decision-making, support the creator economy and, ultimately, enhance the quality of life in the real world,” said Beddis. “We believe that the metaverse’s true success and widespread adoption depend on the creators’ ability to build their own experiences at scale, using open and robust metaverse-as-a-service technologies.”

The company has also recently partnered with Connected Places Catapult to develop an eHighways digital twin simulation to boost sustainability in modern transportation.

Ericsson Ventures, Metrea Discovery, VU Venture Partners, Sanctor Capital, and Tirta Ventures have all pledged their support for Hadean’s mission to provide the technical toolset that is required for building, running and monetising scalable, interoperable and secure digital environments.

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