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Habytat Brings AI-Powered Pets To The Metaverse

Users can vote on which cat and dog breeds will be included in the initial launch

In the 90s, children were fascinated by Tamagotchi, little battery-operated devices hosting virtual pets that quickly perished if not reliably cared for. Then in the early 2000s, Neopets, an online game for kids, let users acquire and care for 2D pets. Now, Habytat plans to cash in on that nostalgia by introducing AI metaverse pets.

“We want Habytat to be easy to use, accessible, but most importantly, fun,” states Habytat President Gianfranco Lopane. “The launch of AI-powered metaverse pets brings a new level of interactivity for aspiring pet owners and animal lovers alike.”

“These pets will bond with their owners, play with them, and will have needs just as real pets do – bringing the nostalgia of the Tamagotchi and Neopets era to 2023,” adds Lopane.

Habytat’s AI Pets Will Age

Habytat describes itself as a photorealistic metaverse. The platform, which is powered by DatChat, promises that the upcoming AI pets will grow from kittens and puppies into full-grown cats and dogs over time. Users can choose either a kitten or puppy from a selection of breeds, after which they’ll need to care for them each day by providing food, water and affection. Additionally, users must clean up after their AI pets and can teach them basic commands like ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘fetch.’

Pets will also have a favourite toy and a special place to sleep. Users will also need to teach their virtual pets which areas of their Habytat home are off-limits. To start, Haybtat is focusing on AI cats and dogs. However, other animals, including monkeys, giraffes, bears and lions, will make their way to the platform over the next few months.

Anyone can vote on which pet breeds Habytat includes in its initial lineup by visiting The AI virtual pets utilise machine learning, allowing them to respond uniquely to users.

Animals in the Metaverse

Habytat isn’t the only one bringing pets to the metaverse. In fact, the Neopets Metaverse launched in Alpha last year. Likewise, Petaverse is creating interoperable metaverse pets. In a bid to help more real-life dogs find forever homes, Fosterverse is letting Decentraland users foster avatars of actual dogs in need of homes.

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