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Avalon Corp Raises $13 Million To Build A New Interoperable Universe

‘We want to be the spark that will ignite the creation of the worlds that gamers have long dreamed of…’

On its mission to develop a platform and tool that’ll revolutionise how games and virtual experiences are built, Avalon Corp has raised $13 million in funding to build a new interoperable universe.

Having a comprehensive background in games, the company which was founded by pioneers from games like EverQuest, Call of Duty, Diablo, God of War, Assassin’s Creed, and Elden Ring among others is experienced to solve issues that creators and designers will encounter in the near future by creating the necessary tools.

Changing the digital world

Sean Pinnock, CEO of Avalon Corp. commented, “We have an opportunity to change the digital world and we truly believe we are the right team to ensure these changes are beneficial for both creators and players. We know that engagement is driven through play, creativity, and human connectivity, all critical elements that are severely lacking in most self-proclaimed metaverses, and it’s exactly why the inevitable confluence of tech that will emerge as the metaverse will be built by game developers.”

The company’s newly secured funding is led by Bitkraft Ventures, HASHED, Delphi Digital, and Mechanism Capital, with participation from Coinbase Ventures, Yield Guild Games, Merit Circle, Avocado Guild and Morning Star Ventures.

“Whatever the digital future is, it’s clear that no single company can build it,“ said Jeff Butler, chief product officer, of Avalon Corp. “We want to be the spark that will ignite the creation of the worlds that gamers have long dreamed of, with our own unique brand of proverbial glue that is equal parts experience, foresight, and imagination.”

The round also included: Kevin Lin, Cofounder Of Twitch; Charlie Songhurst, previous Head of corporate strategy at Microsoft; Dennis Fong; and Robin Jung, former CEO of Pearl Abyss.

“We choose partners that are rooted in synthetic reality, a convergence of physical and digital worlds that, like the Internet, will introduce new human experiences and unprecedented social and economic opportunities. We imagine highly-social virtual worlds of shared adventure and economy, and see in Avalon the perfect system to empower those digital societies to reach beyond what we’ve seen possible so far,” said Carlos Pereira of Bitkraft Ventures.

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