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ARway Launches AR Navigation Upgrades

Augmented reality is being used to help get you from point A to B and now that process is looking to expand even more

ARway Corporation is furthering the Augmented Reality Wayfinding market with a no-code, no-beacon spatial computing platform. To expand its offering, new upgrades to its spatial computing wayfinding platform have launched.

The ARway Corporation is linking the real and virtual worlds into one seamless experience through the use of augmented reality. This type of technology is being used to deliver immersive experiences, video games and even training at work.

We are seeing more companies explore the uses of AR such as Apple with its app creation and Samsung recently shared details of diving into the world of mixed reality.

AR maps

ARway is currently looking to bring many technologies together in just one platform. From artificial intelligence, AR, machine learning, LIDAR digital twins, 3D models and beyond. To help with these advances, the company has released major upgrades to its spatial computing wayfinding platform for “the real world metaverse.” The upgrades include spatial video content, full occlusion and enhancements to the user experience of the ARway Creator Portal.

ARway can be used to help navigate a space. For example, imagine a museum exhibition is happening but it’s not very clear how to get to certain parts of the building. ARway can be used to map the entire venue and then through AR, users can follow step-by-step directions to their location while interacting with AR content.

The upgrades ARway has introduced mean that videos can be added as spatial content in AR during these wayfinding experiences. This also presents opportunities for monetisation with the likes of digital advertisements and billboards. Full occlusion means that objects which are in the physical world will not be blocked by any digital AR content. This makes for a better and more clear experience.

It’s likely that as AR continues to evolve we will see it being used on a far more regular basis. Going to a busy stadium for an event and can’t find which entrance to use? AR maps could lead the way with easy-to-follow instructions. The uses for technology such as AR, VR and mixed reality stretch from the world of gaming and far beyond.

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Paige Cook is a writer with a multi-media background. She has experience covering video games and technology and also has freelance experience in video editing, graphic design, and photography. Paige is a massive fan of the movie industry and loves a good TV show, if she is not watching something interesting then she's probably playing video games or buried in a good book. Her latest addiction is virtual photography and currently spends far too much time taking pretty pictures in games rather than actually finishing them.

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