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Samsung Is Teaming Up With Qualcomm And Google To Build A Mixed-Reality Platform

As the world of virtual reality continues to blossom another big-name brand is ready to enter the space

Samsung’s previous leap into VR with the Gear VR headset

Samsung has entered a partnership with Qualcomm and Google to create future mixed-reality products.

Samsung has entered into the world of virtual headsets before with its 2015 to 2017 iterations of Samsung Gear VR. However, after the UI 4.0 update users could no longer use Gear VR headsets with their devices. Yet general reviews of the equipment were good and it was deemed a fun and affordable option for VR newcomers.

Samsung also launched the HMD Odyssey in 2017. Oddly this was pitched as a mixed-reality headset but was actually more of a standard VR piece of hardware. Despite that, the headset offered users an easy setup, high resolution and great 3D sound. Since then Samsung has gone quiet on the VR front. Although last year it was discovered that Samsung, among others, had filed metaverse-related patents. To close the Samsung Unpacked event, an on-stage announcement shared the partnership details with Qualcomm and Google, hinting that extended reality products would be incoming.

Mixed reality experiences

Samsung noted that “in XR we’re working to create a new era of highly immersive digital experiences.” Mixed reality is a mix of both virtual experiences and real-world ones. This format intends to blur the lines between two worlds, creating a more immersive experience for the user.

During the presentation, the Samsung representative stated that “we have the foundation to make these opportunities a reality and drive the future of the spatial internet.” Samsung already works with both companies to build hardware for its Galaxy series of phones, so it will be interesting to see what extended reality experiences come out of the partnership.

While no actual products have been announced, it does mean that Apple may now be facing another contender in the space of virtual headsets. The Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets are both able to blend VR and AR technologies. In addition, HTC recently revealed its new Vive XR Elite headset which offers both mixed reality and virtual reality experiences. It makes sense that Samsung would try to enter the space as it is becoming increasingly popular.

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