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Columnist Tells BuzzFeed CEO To ‘Get Fucked’ Over Generative AI Content

One of the site’s most well-known writers shares his displeasure with Jonah Peretti’s decision to use generative AI to create content

Image source: Buzzfeed (cropped)

A BuzzFeed writer recently aimed a confrontational tweet at the website after it began using AI to write articles. Max Collins, former member of the 90s band Eve 6, is calling out the news site for its choice to create content using OpenAI software.

“I’m normally in the business of giving solicited advice, but I’d like to take this opportunity to tell the CEO of BuzzFeed to get fucked,” Collins tweeted.

Generative AIs are already causing concern in several industries. Artists, writers, and even entry-level coders fear for their jobs. AIs are quickly becoming capable of taking over jobs in various industries. A group of artists is even suing several generative AI creators. The threat is genuine, considering using an AI is considerably cheaper for a company than employing multiple persons to complete the same tasks.

“This is so bleak, and it’s only the beginning of a trend that is already having a devastating effect on all types of workers,” Collins told Futurism.

BuzzFeed stock goes up after AI announcement

However, many are in full support of the technological breakthrough. In fact, Buzzfeed’s stock went up over 90 per cent after announcing its plan to use ChatGPT to bolster its content. The stock went from $0.95 to $2.09 in just one day, which is quite demoralizing for writers everywhere. BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti plans to use AI to create quizzes for the site. He shared an example in which it forms a romantic comedy plot for quiz takers based on their responses.

“The dystopia is here and it’s not being brought about by the kind of abstract government tyranny technocrats like [Elon] Musk would have people believe it is, but by technology’s facilitation of corporate greed. And it’s not just the case of a few supremely villainous CEOs being shitty either — it’s our capitalist system that demands that its incentives be followed,” Collins adds.

The former Eve6 bassist points to merrit k’s tweet concerning generative AI as both accurate and troubling, “Dude, I’m so excited to live through a time when AI means nobody wants to pay for most jobs, but we still think you need to work to be allowed to eat and have a place to live. It’s going to be just like Star Trek (the part before the show starts when everything fucking sucks).”

While generative AIs continue to be a source of tension, tech companies don’t seem all that upset over the backlash. Google is sharing music created by its AI, MusicLM, which is not yet ready for release and translates text prompts into new tracks. Google is sharing information on MusicLM due to copyright fears. Likewise, Scenario is an image-generative AI for game devleopers. Developers train the AI themselves, allowing the company to avoid legal issues.

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Jack Brassell is a freelance journalist and aspiring novelist. Jack is a self-proclaimed nerd with a lifelong passion for storytelling. As an author, Jack writes mostly horror and young adult fantasy. Also an avid gamer, she works as the lead news editor at Hardcore Droid. When she isn't writing or playing games, she can often be found binge-watching Parks & Rec or The Office, proudly considering herself to be a cross between Leslie Knope and Pam Beasley.

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