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Here Come The NFTYS! New Web3 Innovation Awards Gala

The Academy of Digital Art, Sciences, & Culture parties in Vegas this June 14th

Photo Credit: Chris J Snook, Concept art of the inaugural NFTY Award

The Academy of Digital Art, Sciences, & Culture (ADASC), a social benefit civic organisation has announced the launch of its new NFT Membership Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO).

The membership will allow members to participate in the organisation’s decision-making process and earn rewards for contributing to the community. In addition, the new DAO will also create a collaborative and inclusive environment for cultural innovators, artists, and technologists that are working with NFTs and Web3.

Larry Namer, Co-Executive Producer of The NFTYS and founding member of ADASC said, “ADASC is committed to fostering a vibrant, diverse, and innovative community that celebrates achievement in an agnostic way and becomes a platform for all protocols to shine when deserved. The launch of the NFT membership DAO and the annual NFTYS Awards Gala is a testament to this commitment. We invite all stakeholders of the global Web3 and entertainment community to join us in celebrating the achievements and contributions of their peers at this exciting annual event.”

The NFTYS awards show will include awards in various categories like Artistic Excellence, Technical Innovation, Cross-Collaborative I.P. Drops, Social Good, Most Impactful Community, AI/VR/AR Integration Excellence, and more.

Chris J Snook, creator of The NFTYS and founding member of ADASC commented, “We are thrilled to announce that award-winning director Ben DeJesus has signed on to direct The NFTYS broadcast.”

The NFTYS will be broadcasted worldwide via on-demand pay-per-view at a variety of ticket access levels which should allow NFT enthusiasts and individuals to become a part of the celebration by interacting with the broadcast from anywhere in the world.

The Annual NFTYS Awards Gala is scheduled to take place on June 14th, 2023, in The NIKO Theatre metaverse layer at Worre Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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