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Heroic Story is Developing A Web3 Tabletop Game Platform

Heroic Story raised $6 million to fund the platform

Put aside your twenty-sided die. Heroic Story is creating a Web3 tabletop role-playing game platform. The company recently raised $6 million for the upcoming Web3-enabled platform. The round was led by Upfront Ventures, with Polygon Technology and Multicoin Capital also investing.

“We fell in love with the vision for Heroic Story because they are building authentic online RPG experiences for large, global audiences passionate about the tabletop RPG genre,” says Upfront Ventures managing partner Mark Suster. “There is no better founder we know than Jay to serve this community, as demonstrated with the successful launch of the Fortunata World Pass collection.”

Heroic Story plans to use the funds to promote the live beta, expand the team and develop on-chain tech to support tabletop MMOs. Recently the company released an MMO version of Legends of Fortuna in which professional dungeon masters guide millions of users through a living campaign. Playing traditional tabletop games involves working around the player’s schedules. But with Heroic Story’s web3 tabletop platform, players can play whenever they choose while also earning digital rewards.

The guture of game night

Heroic Story’s Web3 tabletop platform may revolutionise the tabletop gaming industry. But what about traditional board games? Tilt Five is releasing the Tilt Five Holographic gaming system. One of the games that will be available for the system is the popular strategy board game Catan. This suggests that other traditional board games may make their way to the platform in the future.

Heroic Story dominated OpenSea

Legends of Fortunata launched in September with 1049 free-to-own World Passe, which quickly became the top traded collection on OpenSea. Upon launching, the MMO included celebrity game masters like Aliza Pearl, Dungeon Run host Ron Ogden and Jason Charles Miller.

Heroic Story founders Jay and Scott Rosenkrantz were inspired by the resurgence of tabletop gaming spurred by a combination of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things and the lack of options for socialising during the pandemic.

“Tabletop has never been more popular. If you have the right group of people, if you have a good game master, it’s great,” says Jay Rosenkrantz, CEO of Heroic Story. “What if we just solved all that? Like, what if we create compressed time to fun so you could find the players or a group of players that you wanted to play with? At a moment’s notice? And you could be paired with an excellent game master?”

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