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Tilt Five Creates Holographic Version Of Catan

The system is currently available for pre-order

Catan, previously known as Settlers of Catan, is getting an upgrade. Augmented Reality entertainment company, Tilt Five is developing an AR version of the well-known tabletop strategy game. Catan – Tilt Five AR will release Spring of next year. Tilt Five is partnering with Blazing Griffin, Catan GmbH, Catan Studio and Twin Sails Interactive to create the game.

The Tilt Five system includes AR glasses, a wand motion controller and a retroreflective gameboard to offer holographic tabletop game experiences. Currently, the Tilt Five system is available for pre-order for $359.00 with plans to release in early 2023.

“Tilt Five was founded by gamers. Our passion has been to bring the next evolution of gaming technology to fans of digital and physical games around the world,” says Tilt Five CEO Jeri Ellsworth. “The magic of Tilt Five’s technology is that it allows virtual worlds to co-exist alongside our physical one, with a solution that is comfortable, affordable, and easy to use.”

The company is exhibiting its system today through August 26 at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Attendees who want to learn more try the system during the event can book an appointment.

What is Catan?

Catan is a multiplayer tabletop game in which players establish cities, settlements and roads across the island of Catan. This in-depth strategy game is one of the best-selling board games worldwide. According to the Washington Post, it’s also ‘the board game of our time’. Catan Tilt Five will bring the title to a new generation of gamers.

“We are always looking for new and unique ways to expand the world of Catan and engage our dedicated community,” says Catan GmbH’s Arnd Beenen in a press release. “We’re excited that the Tilt Five system allows players an increased level of immersion where they can explore the rich environments and stories that CATAN is known for.”

Aside from traditional play, gamers can also play remotely with other players around the globe or go solo against AI. Players will use the Tilt Five Wand to interact with the island of Catan.

The Future of Gaming

AR gaming is only one facet of the future of the gaming industry. The Walking Dead: Last Mile, which is part game, part show, launched on Facebook in July 2022 with players controlling critical points in the narrative. Additionally, The Walking Dead: Empires, an NFT play-to-earn MMO, launches on August 30, 2022.

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