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Manchester United Launches Their First NFTs

Fans can also join the club’s new official Discord Channel

English Premier League club Manchester United has launched its first-ever digital collectable, the first of which will be gifted to fans on the Tezos platform. 

The club will also be launching a new Web3 community that’s designed to educate, unite and reward its fans across the world using both digital and real-world experiences. 

The new initiative is powered by Tezos, which is not only the Club’s official blockchain but also one of the world’s most advanced blockchain platforms. 

Mason Edwards, Chief Commercial Officer, of Tezos Foundation said, “Football means so much to so many people and Manchester United, not to mention its fans, are the titans in the sport. It is an honour to be part of the Club’s first step into Web3 through the creation of digital collectibles which the club and its followers will cherish for years to come. It takes an appreciation of football and the club’s history, but also a blockchain that’s powerful, decentralised, resilient and scalable to do it. That’s Tezos.” 

Upon releasing its NFTs, the club will also share easy-to-follow tutorials on official club channels that’ll feature players from both the male and female club teams as part of an extensive suite of educational materials aimed at helping fans understand Web3 and how digital collectibles can benefit match-goers and international supporters alike. 

Manchester United’s CEO of Digital Products and Experiences, Phil Lynch commented, “Much like the football traditions of old, such as collecting match programmes, club badges and sticker books, fans will soon have the additional option to collect this new type of digital memorabilia. The first digital collectable is being gifted to fans by a Tezos-powered platform, and with the support of Tezos Foundation we will join fans on their journey into this new world, with the club providing education and guidance along the way.

“Having watched the Web3 space closely and consulted with fans for their views on how this unique virtual world should operate, we’ve worked with the Tezos ecosystem teams to apply these learnings and believe that the launch of Manchester United digital collectables is different to others, providing the option of unique and enhanced engagement opportunities to our incredible fans.”

Fans from anywhere in the world can also join the club’s new virtual world via the official Manchester United Discord channel. Members of the club’s Discord community will be able to engage with some of the club’s players, legends and other like-minded supporters. 

Supporters can claim the gifted digital collectable from the Tezos platform. Once claimed, they’ll own a coveted piece of the club’s history and be part of its journey into the Web3 space with plans for both gifted and purchasable NFTs to be released throughout the season.

Fans who were able to claim a digital collectable from the Tezos platform can unlock access to certain communities on the club’s official Discord where they can submit creative ideas for future digital collectables or even share matchdays in this new virtual community. 

The club will drop a subsequent number of NFTs later this season which fans can purchase via the Tezos blockchain platform. These new collections will each feature a different design and the first of them will be priced at £30 with 20% of the proceeds going to the club’s foundation. 

The club’s official Discord channel will play a central role in its mission to help fans navigate and understand the Web3 space. Fans who register interest at will be the first to receive an invitation and information on how to join United’s Discord community.

Web3 and the metaverse are highly-talked about digital spaces that are being perfected to become the next iteration of the internet. And the move from Manchester United could pave the way for other football clubs to take similar steps in helping their fans understand and embrace Web3. 

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