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Crypto Start-up Arpeggi Labs Scores $5.1 Million Funding For Web3 Music

Investors include Andreessen Horowitz artists such as 3LAU, Wyclef Jean and Steve Aoki

Arpeggi Labs, a new crypto start-up and Web3 music creation platform where musicians can publish their sounds for others to create with has scored a $5.1 million seed funding from Andreessen Horowitz and a host of artists such as 3LAU, Wyclef Jean and Steve Aoki.

The team behind Arpeggi Labs aims to utilize the power of blockchain and build a music creation suite that allows producers to sample a wide variety of songs and sounds.

The platform will then ensure that credit always goes back to the original song or sound creators. Founders Evan Dhillon, Kyle Dhillon and James Pastan believe that their platform will encourage a whole new type of “remix culture” in the music industry.

In a conversation with TechCrunch, Pastan stated, “In music, we’ve seen people immediately resist anything in Web3 because they see it as a scam. We’ve abstracted as much of the crypto as we can… and we’ve always leaned away from the speculative element.”

The platform’s founders are looking to go beyond developing a protocol and towards building an entire in-browser digital audio workstation that producers can use to mix blockchain-minted beats while also integrating with the wider arena of other Web 2.0 and Web3 music platforms.

Free and easy

As a free-to-use platform, Arpeggi Labs will not only serve as a hub for creation but also consumption. And can be used as an opportunity that might align blockchain incentives and may also prevent the overwhelming challenge of finding a cohesive audience.

Co-founder Dhillon stated, “Any sounds that you hear are sounds that you should create with.”

And although the company is yet to say if it is looking to issue a token for the platform in future, the founders mentioned that they’re only focused on enticing music professionals that haven’t already aligned themselves with Web3.

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