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Bytes Allows Metaverse Users Mint Their Very Own NFT Domains 

Establish your presence in the future of the internet

By now increasing numbers of us are comfortable with the concept of the metaverse, virtual spaces and NFTs that provide users with decentralized asset ownership and legitimate property ownership through blockchain technology.

What you might not be so familar with are NFT domains.

NFT domains take a similar approach to ‘conventional’ NFTs by giving users ownership rights, only these domains are stored as assets and can be used to host decentralized websites or digital wallet addresses. explained is a new P2P NFT domain marketplace that allows users to mint their own NFT domains. With, users can choose to establish a presence on the future of the internet using any of the significant top level domains (TLDs) to create Web3, metaverse, virtual reality, and digital experiences using a blockchain-driven technology.

The Quik ecosystem will allow users to interact and communicate with other users and locate the NFT domains they have acquired. They can also exchange, trade, sell, and even purchase these domains using a follow registry that provides users with a list of other users that own NFT domains. 

These top level domains include:











NFT domains and their correlation to the Metaverse

Since the principal access to emerging technologies such as the metaverse, web3, VR and other significant resources is via NFT domains, the Quik ecosystem is designed to support users with these popular NFT top-level domains which will allow them to develop not something that’s both relevant and engaging.

The most important use of Quik is that it allows users to host decentralized websites using their preferred NFT domains. It also lets users use their NFT domains to convert lengthy wallet addresses to human-readable names and simplify the exchange process. 

Quik also plan to launch The Goodplace, their own metaverse with Quik domain holders able to connect their projects and benefit from the larger reach and audience of the total Quik metaverse network.

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