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Halo Infinite Prequel Story On The Way – As A Novel

Fans question why the prequel story is a book, and not DLC

Halo: The Rubicon Protocol is a new novel that’s based in the Halo universe and will be a prequel to Halo Infinite and further explores some of the events in those six months before the Master Chief was reawakened and the game’s campaign begins.

The new novel is scheduled to hit stores on August 9th 2022 and will most likely offer some useful bits of background information for people who despite having played Halo Infinite, still found some parts of the story confusing.

There is also some important history that new Halo Infinite players can pick up from the game thanks to the impressive audio logs.

While the news of a new prequel novel in the Halo universe is fantastic news for some, the developer’s decision to bring this rather important prequel story in book form rather than as a DLC (Downloadable Content) expansion for the game itself has brought upset amongst some of the fans.

Some have taken to Twitter to comment on the book announcement post from the Halo official Twitter handle, saying it’s a wasted opportunity to add more stuff to the game with DLC.

One user wrote, “Why do you guys put all the good stuff in the books? Like seriously, wtf, this type of stuff would have made Infinite’s campaign amazing.”

Another said, “Oh, you know what game needs a lot of DLC to fill in the stages of the attack on the infinity? Perhaps Halo Infinite so that you wouldn’t need the villain monologuing so long about how easy it was to attack,”

One user praised the book author Kelly Gay but said, “this story should be used and be written for a DLC/expansion for Halo Infinite”.

Despite having a rough launch late last year, with multiplayer fans consistently voicing their frustration over several issues, Halo Infinite is still one of the most popular FPS shooters out there.

343 Industries has pledged to improve the game on several occasions, and now the latest book announcement appears to be doing little to nothing in winning back the fan’s support.

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