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Survey Reveals The Metaverse Could Be The Next Frontier For Fast Food

Metaverse marketing could positively impact restaurants

Gen Z is the generation most associated with the metaverse, with many Gen Z gamers preferring the Web 3 space over reality. Therefore, it’s no surprise that metaverse marketing has the potential to help restaurants reach the tech-savvy generation. Overall, 40 percent of Gen Z consider themselves familiar with the metaverse, while 27 percent have actually engaged with it.

A new survey by Paytronix and PYMNTs finds that 38 per cent of metaverse users are willing to purchase from metaverse restaurants. Several popular fast-food chains have already inserted themselves into the metaverse. In 2021, Chipotle opened a virtual restaurant in Roblox, while Wendy’s launched the Wendyverse in Horizon Worlds, which includes a virtual restaurant and basketball court, earlier this year. Heineken even built a virtual brewery where it serves up the first metaverse beer, Heineken Silver.

“The media landscape is already scattered, creating a massive fight for attention. Brands are vying for spots on Google search, in Facebook feeds, on Apple screens and on any dozens of different social sites,” said CMO of Paytronix Michelle Tempesta. “The metaverse represents the next battleground. Loyalty programs open a direct line of communication between brands and customers that only continues to grow in importance. Customers want to maintain a strong relationship with their favorite brands, regardless of where that happens.”

Twenty per cent of restaurant-goers are aware of the metaverse, while 18 per cent have participated in it, according to the survey. Twenty per cent of those without interest in purchasing food in the metaverse are unfamiliar with the Web3 space.

In-Person Experiences Are Still Vital For Restaurants

Of course, restaurants still need to focus on real-world customer experiences. According to the survey, 33 per cent of consumers feel friendliness is the most essential aspect of a restaurant visit. Additionally, 75 per cent say seeing familiar employees at a restaurant during each visit makes the experience more enjoyable. And, of course,  consumers can’t sustain themselves on virtual beer and chicken nuggets. 

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Jack Brassell is a freelance journalist and aspiring novelist. Jack is a self-proclaimed nerd with a lifelong passion for storytelling. As an author, Jack writes mostly horror and young adult fantasy. Also an avid gamer, she works as the lead news editor at Hardcore Droid. When she isn't writing or playing games, she can often be found binge-watching Parks & Rec or The Office, proudly considering herself to be a cross between Leslie Knope and Pam Beasley.

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