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Indie Gaming Company Gamestacy Grows Via WeFunder 

The company offers investors exposure to the ‘billionaire industry’

Gamestacy, an indie gaming company is growing via WeFunder as it raises nearly $250,000 from 154 investors and continues to draw attention from the investing community.

Influenzer, a social game that’s built inside the metaverse and was accelerated by Google in 2021 is the crown jewel of Gamestacy. Danish Sinha, the Founder of Gamestacy said, “Since 2021, Influenzer has grown to a 72,000 user base of highly engaged users showing an engagement rate that is 150% of our competitors.”

The game has so far received three awards in the “Best Of” category by the India Game Developer Conference, Financial Express and Indie Clash has also been securing support from some of the top industry experts, as mentors and investors.

Growing up fast

Gamestacy received initial seed capital of $125k from Ex-CEO of Elior India & Altran India, Sanjay Kumar. It also received from Eric Fung, Co-Founder of Basilica, and Rahul Pandit, CEO of Horizon Industrial Parks. The indie company relies on the mentorship of Trapper Markelz, co-founder and COO of Beamable, Roki Soeharyo, CEO of TouchTen Games, Ali El Rhermoul, Co-Founder & CTO of Beamable, Angelo Lobo, Ex-Director at Zynga, and Jon Radoff, CEO of Beamable.

Some of the reasons behind the success of Wefunder’s equity campaign includes big industry names, solid business models, and proven traction. 

Other decisive factors is the numbers of the gaming industry and the method which Gamestacy offers investors exposure to the billionaire industry. The video games industry has grown from over $200 billion in 2021 and is expected to surpass $430 billion come 2028. And the majority of this growth is happening in games that concentrate on social experiences, not simply on gameplay, which according to Mr. Sinha, “is exactly what Influenzer offers”.

Sinha further commented: “In an age where people are constantly seeking to virtually socialize with each other, and where the aspiration of being an influencer has become practically universal, Influenzer is the metaverse gaming platform that’s got it all to attract and retain millions of users.”

Below are the four main features of Influenza:

  1. It’s a gaming platform that allows users to play in-platform fashion games. 
  1. It’s a social network where users can hang out and digitally socialize with each other in the metaverse.
  1. It’s a social interaction platform where users can post their style, cook dishes, and even get feedback.
  1. It’s a user-generated marketplace where users can design new dresses that other users can purchase. 

Lastly, Gamestacy aims to utilize Influenzer and “Eliminate the typical toxic environment that gaming has become known for,” said Sinha. The game is designed to be both safe and gender-inclusive. 

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