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Aiza World IDO Launches Tomorrow For ‘Loan-For-Play’ Game

Initial DEX Offering from the self-proclaimed ‘pioneer in NFT collateralised loans’

Metaverse NFT game company Aiza World has announced that its Initial DEX Offering launches tomorrow – April 26th – on IndoEx, P2PB2B, and VinDAX. The game transacts ESG in a parallel impact world.

The company stated that, “With an Impact and ESG-driven world still struggling to make meaningful inroads, the Metaverse should not be a mirror of a broken system that merely extends from a hostile war-torn society to an online web3 replica of darkness. Aiza World is a shining exemplar of what a values-driven world should be enabled, where being good can be qualified, measured, and transacted”.


According the the company, its ‘loan-for-play’ mechanism is Aiza World’s unique selling point, claiming in a press release that, “Aiza World is the pioneer in NFT collateralised loans”. It goes on to say, “Worry-free about financial obstacles and firstly enjoying the happiness in Aiza World is the direction we would bring to our people. Not only do we place a monetary value on people, but we also recognise their worth by rewarding them in various ways for their contributions”.

The company claims that the metaverse blockchain-based serial game refines the new protocol of B2B as second life and platform for value exchanges in terms of ESG missions where NFTs represent the key to unlocking a new era of personal values.

Being a Game series that utilizes the latest blockchain instruments of ‘Play-to-Earn, Loan-for-Play’, Aiza World also implements a balanced two-token (financial and non-financial) tokenomics.

$AIZA is the BEP-20 governance token of Aiza World. The utilities of $AIZA include but are not limited to staking tokens, playing the game, participating in auction sessions, and NFT trading. With NFTs, players can build their army and conquer challenges in PVE games, and fight with other players through PVP events and upcoming features to get the in-game token, $AHA.

Aiza World has raised $1M from several international investors in the first round of funding, such as OneBlockLabs, BFRI Singapore, and Kretos Ventures.

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Steve is an award-winning editor and copywriter with more than 20 years’ experience specialising in consumer technology and video games. With a career spanning from the first PlayStation to the latest in VR, he's proud to be a lifelong gamer.

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