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XYZZY Partners With Harmony For Web3 Projects

XYZZY Partners With Harmony For Web3 Projects

Gaming, NFT and metaverse studio XYZZY is partnering with blockchain platform Harmony(ONE) to create a Mario Kart-style blockchain game. The partnership comes after talks at the Game Developer Conference 2022. 

XYZZY, known for creating Realms of Ethernity, the decentralized MMORPG is working with Harmony to create the first NFT play-to-earn game of its genre. Billionaire entrepreneur and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban is backing the project.

Harmony(ONE) will host the game on its platform. Likewise, the company is collaborating with XYZZY to create a new governance token and in-game rewards token. Additionally, the companies are collaborating on a play-to-earn model. XYZZY plans to integrate Harmony One blockchain into its existing projects. Additionally, the two companies are collaborating on smart contracts for Harmony One project tokens.

“We are very excited to be partnering with a leading, community-focused blockchain like Harmony, and we’re currently in discussions to launch one of our original Web3 gaming titles,” says XYZZY in a press release. “We have an active community of over 20,000 people for this game, of which 10,000 are token holders and at least 5,000 are scholars of some of the world’s biggest gaming guilds. We’re ready to see these numbers climb to unprecedented heights following our relaunch of the game.”

Building Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming is a burgeoning market. EA CEO Andrew Wilson believes blockchain gaming will be an essential part of the industry’s future. Likewise, Square Enix is expressing interest in the blockchain gaming industry. However, players aren’t always fans of blockchain gaming. Storybook Brawl was flooded with negative reviews on Steam after developers announced a switch to blockchain.

According to  XYZZY, Harmony is the “perfect platform to take XYZZY’s next-gen web3 gaming titles to the next level” due to the success of its game, DeFi Kingdoms and the platform’s exemplary infrastructure.

“As a blockchain solution, Harmony is in a perfect position to fit in with the multichain future of the blockchain industry, and in turn, XYZZY is perfectly placed to begin building the next generation of web3 games to rival the likes of DeFi Kingdoms and more.” says  XYZZY.

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