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Metaverse Virtual Real Estate Allows Cross-Platform Land Transactions

Origin aims to simplify the process of purchasing virtual real estate across multiple metaverses

While buying land in the metaverse isn’t a new concept, developers haven’t made it easy for users to purchase virtual land plots across multiple blockchain platforms. Origin aims to change that by providing a marketplace where users can buy and sell virtual land plots from a range metaverse platforms. Think of Origin is the metaverse equivalent of real estate comparison sites like Zillow, or Rightmove.

“The demand for metaverse land is continually growing. What the market needs is a single source of data. A reliable platform that simplifies the purchasing of land while providing buyers and sellers with all the information they need to navigate the process,” says Fred Greene, founder of Origin.

The company aims to simplify transactions by acting as a middleman between all metaverse worlds and tokens. By streamlining the process of purchasing virtual real estate, Origin is opening the door and making things easier for those perhaps new to virtual real estate.

“As projects evolve and more emerge, it can be difficult to establish a foothold in these communities as user experience becomes a little disconnected. Origin reopens those barriers by connecting today and tomorrow’s architects and innovators with one another,” states Origin Metaverse in a press release. “These traditionally isolated worlds now have a bridge that brings them together – a streamlined marketplace where users of all platforms enjoy a unified cross-chain experience.

Additionally, the platform aims to place metaverse land listings before more potential buyers by creating an active community of buyers, thus ensuring sellers receive a fair price for their land.

To begin Origin plans to focus on metaverse land trading, purchasing and selling. However, the platform intends to branch out into NFTs of real-world land plots in the future. Origin launched its sale of ORIGINMV, the company’s private token, on April 1.

Metaverse Real Estate

While Origin may be the first platform to offer cross-metaverse land trading, other companies are cashing in on virtual real estate in different ways. TerraZero provided its first metaverse mortgage earlier this year and now offers this service to all its clients. Additionally, popular metaverse, The Sandbox, sold virtual land to Republic Realm for $4.3 million in December 2021. Likewise, Metaverse Group purchased 116 land parcels from Decentraland for  $2.43 million last year.

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