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Hekka Labs launches new healthcare ecosystem

The ecosystem will allow for quicker and more efficient record management

Hekka Healthcare Ecosystem

Hekka Labs have launched a decentralised healthcare ecosystem that is designed to provide far more efficient health record management options than currently exist. The firm will focus on the Southeast Asian market, starting with India, where it plans to set up the world’s largest chronic disease data management network.

Hekka aims to then connect to the rest of the world’s healthcare market through the design and implementation of a proprietary Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

They have also secured partnerships with three Indian healthcare solution providers as well as Curis, inc, a healthcare company with a network of 30 million patients and 40,000 partnered doctors. The agreement will reportedly provide a minimum of 1.5 million medical records through 2022.

A separate agreement to provide as many as 20 seperate blood biomarkers, together with COVID-19 data on 100,000 patients, will form the basis of an initial trial for its blockchain audit trail platform.

Among the new partners mentioned, Immunidex is another healthcare solution provider that is offering tests and applications that are driven by a proprietary AI that can identify early immune-related risks and is well placed to capture highly valuable data for the Hekka network. Additionally, Telemedicine Indian Co – a start-up offering multi telemedicine services, multiple blood tests, and health screening including COVID-19 testing – will form another integral part of data generation for the Hekka ecosystem.

With the integration of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Hekka Labs plan to offer a plug and go solution that will allow users to interact with the Hekka ecosystem without major disruption. This setup could be a solution to inherent problems that occur on a regular basis in the healthcare industry such as inefficient document hogging, unstructured data management and biomarker management.

Hekka plans to evolve as a significant decentralised healthcare ecosystem by further connecting a network of medical and associated healthcare providers culminating in a targeted community of more than 500 million patients. This will see to the creation of tens of billions of chronic disease digital biomarkers for Deep Learning that will speed up new healthcare discoveries.

Decentralised databases, and decentralised files, have been heavily discussed in other industries – especially gaming – over the last few months; As with other popular gaming-first technologies like VR, practical medical applications don’t take long to follow. Only recently ImmersiveTouch partnered with hospitals to train surgeons for high-risk surgeries.

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