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ImmersiveTouch’s new VR tech to aid high-risk surgery

New technology allows surgeons to practice cranial separations in fully immersed setting.


The All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi has successfully implemented a new digital surgery technology from ImmersiveTouch, a technological company building its own digital surgery metaverse.

The company’s Mission Rehearsal® VR platform gives surgeons at the AIIMS the ability to virtually plan and simulate a patient’s distinct anatomy in 3D before entering the operating room.

Surgeons at AIIMS New Delhi were initially introduced to the ImmersiveTouch’s VR platform to prepare for them for extremely rare surgical procedures that’ll allow them to separate craniopagus twins; Twins born connected at the head.

Dr. Deepak Gupta, professor of Neurosurgery, AIIMS said, “We could see, feel and study connected tissue, discuss anatomy, and examine surgical pathways. Our team of roughly forty doctors from pediatric neurosurgery, anesthesia, plastic surgery and cardiovascular sciences used the ImmersiveTouch platform to practice the surgery multiple times and plan the most effective surgical roadmap.”

ImmersiveTouch’s Mission Rehearsal® VR platform can convert 2D data into a digital twin of the patient, providing surgeons with an unobstructed view of the target anatomy from every possible angle and gives them access to surgical planning tools in precise accuracy and high fidelity.

Pat Banerjee, founder and CEO, ImmersiveTouch, says “We are committed to providing the next generation of surgeons with enhanced surgical planning, training, and collaboration. It is a great accomplishment for the largest medical institution in India to find value in our product for its world-renowned doctors, and we look forward to further adoption in India.”

ImmersiveTouch is a leading medical technology company that’s building the digital surgery metaverse. It empowers clinicians with greater precision and consistency of care using technology to simulate each patient’s unique pathology in 3D, through its immersive VR platform.

The AIIMS is the premier hospital and medical institution of India. It has been featured on Newsweek’s 2020 World’s Best Hospitals; and is 23 on the rankings for best medical schools in the world, according to CEOWORLD magazine.

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