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Arcturus Raises $5M For Holographic Humans

Volumetric video creator Arcturus has raised $5 million in seed funding, to take the company’s production of photo-realistic 3D and holographic immersive content into areas including  e-commerce, music, sports, interactive media, and gaming.

The funding round was led by BITKRAFT Ventures with participation from leaders across the Beyond Games space,  including HBSE Ventures; NTT Docomo Ventures; Build Ventures; Marc Merril (Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, and former Co-CEO of Riot Games); and Craig Kallman (CEO of Atlantic Records). The funding will be used to scale the software development team, increase sales, and expand the company’s product line  to incorporate more live streaming features.

Volumetric video captures content using an array of high definition cameras and depth sensors that surround the subject, creating photorealistic models. These models are fully 3D and can be fully interactive, making them a natural fit for any spatial experience such as augmented or virtual reality, or holograms.Volumetric video is already being used to let users consume live-action content in a variety of ways, from viewing holographic sports, or photorealistic virtual performances, to engaging with interactive human assistants.

Arcturus’ HoloSuite enables users to author, edit, and stream volumetrically captured performances and environments – in much the same way as Netflix and Amazon stream online video.Content creators and game studios can use the platform to edit and compress clips, then distribute them to third-party tools, including real-time game engines like Unity, and Unreal.

Moritz Baier-Lentz, Partner at BITKRAFT Ventures, said: “Volumetric technology is exciting for a simple reason: it starts with reality. Think about it: Most of today’s digital media—music, photos, or film—begin with capturing the real world. Thanks to Arcturus’ extraordinary technology, a future where you record yourself, your friends, or your environment with a LIDAR-enabled smartphone, and transport them into the next interactive and 3-dimensional social media post, product showcase, or videogame is closer than ever.”

Arcturus CEO, Kamal Mistry, said: “Arcturus’ mission is to create a future where digital human holograms are captured from reality, customized and even interact with the viewer in real time. This can take the form of digital customer service agents, human avatars, virtual 3D concerts and fashion runways, or giving access to the perspectives of professional athletes in broadcast sports. With the backing of BITKRAFT Ventures, true leaders in games and XR investments, we are confident Arcturus will serve as a catalyst to enable widespread accessibility to volumetric video creation, enabling millions of users to create a new form of interactive content.”

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