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Eminem Takes Centre Stage In Fortnite’s The Big Bang Event

The Grammy-Award winner’s performance could draw in Fortnite’s biggest concert audience yet

Fortnite creator Epic Games has announced that musician and rapper Eminem will make his way into the battle royale game as part of the game’s Chapter 4 finale and will be performing in the Big Bang event next month. 

Epic says that players can purchase skins to play as the rapper in three different outfits: Rap Boy, inspired by Eminem’s superhero persona in the ‘Without Me’ music video; Marshall Never More, showcasing the rapper in a suit; and Slim Shady, reminiscent of Eminem’s earlier days around the release of the Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers LPs.

Players that already own the Marshall Never More skin but tune in to watch the Big Bang event on December 2nd, will also gain access to a variant named Marshall Magma. This variant transforms the rapper’s eyes into black and yellow and includes red hot marks across his face.

The end is the beginning 

Epic says fans can, “Watch Eminem… as Eminem” during the event, which marks the end of the Fortnite OG chapter that many fans believe brought the game back to its roots. Fortnite is calling this event a, “New beginning” for the game, possibly pointing towards a new island.

Players can purchase the Eminem skins from the item shop starting November 29th at 7 PM ET. This recent collaboration bears a resemblance to Travis Scott’s performance in Fortnite in 2020, attended by over 12 million people. Eminem’s performance is likely to draw an even larger audience, thanks to the rapper’s large fanbase.

Fortnite has been making waves in gaming news lately with the introduction of Fortnite OG, a new season that takes players back to the game’s earliest maps. However, it has faced criticism for implementing new rules regarding allowable skins in specific creator-made worlds. 

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