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Verge Motorcycles Integrates AI And Gaming Tech Into Electric Superbikes

‘Such a comprehensive technological leap has never before been seen in motorcycles,’ says chief tech officer Marko Lehtimäki

Manufacturer of electric motorcycles Verge Motorcycles is developing advanced connected technology for its electric superbikes. Referred to as ‘Starmatter,’ this software and intelligence platform also incorporates Epic Games‘ Unreal Engine. 

Designed to enable remote updates, Starmatter will integrate sensor technology, deploy AI, and enhance the user interface – even on a bike, featuring a display screen.

Verge chief tech officer Marko Lehtimäki said, “With Starmatter, we want to revolutionise the perception of the life cycle and intelligence of motorcycles. Typically, a vehicle is at its best when new, while smartphones, for example, gain completely new features that significantly improve their functionality year after year.”

 Artificial intelligence superbikes 

“We want to bring the same philosophy to the vehicle industry and guarantee Verge’s customers an intelligent and personalised riding experience, as well as the best possible version of the bike at all times,” Lehtimäki added. By utilizing over-the-air updates, engineers can enhance the range and implement improvements, eliminating the need to wait for the next motorcycle. 

Lehtimäki went on to say that Verge’s superbikes have advanced software ingrained in their DNA, yet Starmatter represents a significant leap forward as it acts as an invisible layer enveloping the bike, tailoring the riding experience to each user individually and introducing new features. “Such a comprehensive technological leap has never before been seen in motorcycles,” he said.

Starmatter will also leverage an extensive sensor package, incorporating GPS positioning, an accelerometer, Bluetooth, 4G, and WiFi connectivity. This array of sensors aims to enhance Verge’s bike features, including charging and provide more precise identification of when the bikes require servicing.

After powering multiple acclaimed titles with its Unreal Engine, Epic is now powering the Verge Motorcycle display screen for the first time. 

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