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Street Wars Plans AI Integration For A New Era Of Mobile HTML5 Gaming

Mobile-first company MocoSpace is committed to extending artificial intelligence capabilities beyond games

Mobile social network MocoSpace has revealed that it will incorporate artificial intelligence features into its long-standing game Street Wars. 

After more than 13 years in the mobile HTML5 gaming arena, Street Wars has an impressive player community exceeding 100,000 gamers who collectively invest around 250,000 minutes daily, contributing to an Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) surpassing $20. 

The game has accumulated a lifetime player base of more than 1 million users and boasts of a daily influx of over 2,000 new players. According to Justin Siegel, CEO and co-founder of MocoSpace, “We launched Street Wars over a decade ago, and its enduring success has surpassed our wildest expectations. Now, with the infusion of artificial intelligence, we’re taking it to unprecedented heights.” 

AI integration into games 

The company’s first step in integrating AI into Street Wars involves utilising generative AI tools to craft inventive content and enhance existing features. Subsequently, the MocoSpace team intends to delve into more AI applications, implementing enhancements across various aspects of the game.

Being one of the first mobile communities in North America, Siegel emphasised, “Our vision is to use AI not just for game content, but to enrich the overall gaming experience. We’re evaluating tools such as ChatGPT, DALL·E, Midjourney, and others to achieve this goal.”

Members invest hours daily in connecting with friends through games, blogs, forums, chat and messaging on MocoSpace. The platform will gradually introduce AI enhancements across all features with a release planned for early 2024, promising players with an enhanced gaming experience.

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