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Alien Worlds Partners With Kevin J. Anderson For AI-Powered Franchise

Collaboration with sci-fi author aims to leverage the potency of artificial intelligence and blockchain with user-generated content

Metaverse ecosystem Alien Worlds has partnered with sci-fi author Kevin J. Anderson (Star Wars, Prelude to Dune, Saga of the Seven Suns) to work on an AI-driven tokenised story, also known as a ‘Large Lore Model.’ The concept of this storytelling model combines the power of artificial intelligence with the creativity of the global community that’s governed through decentralised on-chain mechanisms. 

Designed to enhance and expand upon the lore created by the co-author of the Dune Prequel series, this storytelling method relies on global community contributions. By utilising advanced AI tools, the decentralised community can harness the lore’s foundation to collaboratively create Alien Worlds games, media and more. 

Saro McKenna, co-founder of Alien Worlds says, “Given the recent Hollywood writers’ strike, we’re navigating a crucial juncture when it comes to AI and media. We aim to safeguard the integrity of creators while unlocking the vast potential AI offers. By governing our AI models transparently via on-chain communities, we’re uniquely positioned to govern this intersection of technology and storytelling.” 

Merging technology and storytelling 

McKenna adds that with Anderson’s expert storytelling, the community has a unique chance to honour and incorporate the literary contributions of the author renowned for works like Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights, while also tapping into the potent combination of AI capabilities and the imaginative input from contributors worldwide. 

In the realm of Alien Worlds, six planetary DAOs compete for Trilium tokens. Trilium also plays a key role in influencing governance decisions and overseeing AI-assisted content in continually expanding the metaverse that’s currently being used by many. 

“The next great franchise will be built by a community, not a corporation. When launched, our AI-driven ‘Large Lore Model’ will only be trained on community-approved lore, whether in games, art, video, or other media,” said Kevin Rose, chief marketing officer of Dacoco. Dacoco’s battle-tested DAO technology will serve as the foundation to support the community as it embarks on this journey. Over time, we will see a community entirely responsible for maintaining the canon of the Alien Worlds metaverse.”

Regulating AI 

While AI presents impressive efficiency, its incorporation raises worries about potential misuse. Dacoco’s utilisation of blockchain technology aims to examine how communities can tackle these challenges, ensuring authenticity, transparency and proper attribution of training data. 

Alien Worlds emphasises that this endeavour marks the initial phase in assessing the necessity for decentralised governance systems to supervise AI systems – an imperative discussion point as AI becomes increasingly integrated into daily life. Dacoco says that its primary objective is to guarantee that AI systems maintain accountability, auditability and alignment with their intended purpose.

Kevin J. Anderson said, “In today’s interconnected world, storytelling has the power to unite global communities. AI tools can act as the essential bridge that ensures we are weaving a consistent and cohesive universe without requiring direct collaboration between every member of that community. As we meld the time-honoured craft of storytelling with the innovative capabilities of AI, we’re not just telling stories; we’re creating universes.”

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