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Samsung Unveils Generative AI, Gauss

Next year’s Galaxy S24 could be the company’s first flagship device to be released with new artificial intelligence features 

Technology behemoth Samsung has joined the artificial intelligence race by introducing its generative AI model called Samsung Gauss during the Samsung AI Forum 2023. Developed by Samsung Research, Gauss comprises three tools: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image.

Much like ChatGPT, Samsung’s Gauss LLM can understand human language and respond to queries. Its applications extend to boosting productivity, such as helping to write emails, composition and editing, document summarisation and language translation.

Samsung is also planning to integrate Gauss into its smart devices including phones, laptops and tablets. Samsung Gauss Code works with its code assistant named code.i, which centres specifically on development code. The concept behind Samsung Gauss Code is to assist developers in writing code faster. Samsung also highlights that the AI model for code will support, “Code description and test case generation through an interactive interface.”

Gauss LLM release window 

The tech giants affirmed that Samsung Gauss is now being used internally amongst its staff but will be available to the public, “In the near future.” Although the appliance company did not elaborate on a potential release date, the Galaxy S24 based on its Generative AI model was rumoured to be released in early 2024 and could be the company’s first flagship device to have inbuilt AI features. 

“We will continue to support and collaborate with the industry and academia on generative AI research,” said Daehyun Kim, executive vice president of the Samsung Research Global AI Center, at the AI forum.

Samsung Gauss Image, on the other hand, will serve as a feature for image generation and editing. For instance, it could be used to transform a low-resolution image into a high-resolution one. The company has also set up an AI Red Team that monitors security and privacy issues from data collection to AI development, ensuring the safety of AI use based on the principles of AI ethics.

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