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Integral Reality Labs’ Co-Reality Platform Aims To Blend Digital And Physical Worlds

Range of physical smart collectibles authenticated by the blockchain launches with Assassin’s Creed

Co-reality platform Integral Reality Labs has launched its Integral Co-reality platform, making an impact on the collectables market. Reimagining the future of collectables, the Co-reality platform is designed to bridge the gap between physical objects on the shelf and their digital counterparts on the screen. 

By introducing Smart Collectibles, Integral Reality Labs has challenged the traditional concept of passive collectables. These Smart Collectibles are physical items authenticated by the blockchain and infused with gameplay metadata and other game-specific functionality, extending the utility of a digital investment into a tangible object.

The platform merges the digital and physical worlds of collectables by embedding a user’s favourite video game characters into bespoke, 3D-printed Smart Collectibles. Users can design their characters, selecting poses, outfits, and more. In addition, Integral’s proprietary 3D printing technology embeds digital characters into Smart Collectibles, bridging the divide between the digital and physical worlds. 

Exciting partnerships ahead 

Jim Ward, CEO of Integral Reality Labs said, “We’re delighted to launch our new Smart Collectible platform and honored to be able to partner with the Assassin’s Creed franchise. This is a new and innovative way for fans to engage with the franchise, both physically and digitally. We believe that the combination of customizable, high-quality collectables with exclusive interactive digital content will be a game-changer for the gaming industry in general.”

IRL will also ship Smart Collectibles directly to users, who can then use the platform’s companion app to interact with their collectables in new ways. IRL is bringing popular video game franchises to gamers starting with Assassin’s Creed. Owners can choose their favourite characters from the series, and then select outfits, accessories, and poses to create a unique Smart Collectible. 

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