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US Presidential Election Game: The Political Machine 2024 By Stardock

Strategy game charts the path to The White House featuring POTUS candidates including Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

Software company Stardock has revealed the latest iteration of its political strategy game titled The Political Machine 2024. Players can embark on a political journey while navigating the dynamic world of US politics with an expanded cast of real-world figures and innovative gameplay elements

The game also allows players to assume the mantle of politicians like Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Ron DeSantis, or craft their own unique candidate with the game’s comprehensive creation tools.

Building on the series’ political simulation model, which has garnered recognition from major news outlets for its uncanny ability to predict past election outcomes, the 2024 edition introduces several features, including:

Primaries: Players can engage in a head-to-head battle for their party’s presidential nomination

Debates: Candidates will face each other in a simulated debate on the issues of the day.

PACs: Political Action Cards that players can use to bolster their campaign or thwart their opponents.

Mirroring real-world tactics 

Brad Wardell, creative director of Stardock said, “The Political Machine has always been about capturing the spirit and complexity of the American election cycle. With the 2024 edition, we’re bringing even more depth to the experience with new features that mirror the real-world tactics used in political campaigns.”

The Political Machine 2024 is a sophisticated simulator, where each state’s political leanings and issues are meticulously researched and updated to reflect the latest demographic data and current political climate. Players with a deep understanding of the real-world political landscape will discover a game that rewards strategic thinking and political savvy.

Stardock welcomes players to delve into the intricacies of American politics and to navigate the diverse ideological landscape within each party, from the contrasting perspectives of Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton to the diverging views of Republicans like Ronald Reagan and Mitt Romney.

The Political Machine 2024 is scheduled for release in early 2024 but is currently available for pre-order on Steam and includes a free pre-order bonus, the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ DLC.

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