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Utherverse Raises $1.235M To Build The Metaverse Of The Future

Utherverse aims to use funds raised from equity crowdfunding to become the single platform upon which the next generation of the internet is built 

Metaverse platform Utherverse has launched a $1.235 million equity crowdfunding campaign with financial technology firm Republic. The platform first began accepting investments on September 21st with over $100,000 reserved by potential investors before the launch of the crowdfund. 

With a current valuation of $70 million, Utherverse has garnered more than $77 million in revenue and is currently accepting investments from investors through the official website with the minimum investment being $100. 

Brian Shuster, founder and president of Utherverse says, “We are looking to consolidate all metaverse offerings across the entire Web3 space into a single, interoperable platform that can leverage the entire community to provide the best in education, entertainment, business, fashion, virtual real estate and other verticals. Our goal is to become that single platform upon which the next generation of the internet is built.”

Investment benefits 

Investors at different levels will enjoy extra benefits such as early beta access privileges, VIP platform access, virtual property, UtherTokens, and other titles as well as opportunities for the Web3 version. Utherverse is also offering a metaverse-as-a-service platform which includes tools and technologies that will allow third parties to create and operate their own virtual worlds. 

Creators can design digital assets and businesses to offer a wide range of products and services in a wide range of industries. The immersive platform also features a proprietary Xaeon Web3 browser and metaverse search engine that will let users quickly search millions of metaverse worlds. 

fNFTs – or functional NFTs – are dynamic tokens that symbolise items with practical uses in the Utherverse, including things like clothing, residences and event tickets. Utherverse also boasts potential revenue streams such as VIP subscriptions, advertising, virtual lands and more. 

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