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Google Launches New AR Beauty Tools To Make Shopping Easier And Fun

The new features now allow users to try on hair colour and foundation virtually on mobile devices and Google Shopping ads 

Search giant Google has expanded its augmented reality shopping feature, allowing users to try on beauty products virtually on mobile browsers and Google Shopping ads before purchasing. The company is also adding new tools for users to test out foundation and hair dye colours virtually before buying them. 

Google is already rolling out the new hair colour category on its Google AR Beauty. Users can check out various L’Oréal hair dye shades on themselves or even try them on one of the available models that match their appearance.

Google’s post also mentions that users will soon be able to try out dye shades from other brands like Revlon and Splat. They are also broadening the foundation category and are allowing users to continue to experiment with various shades on 148 diverse models. 

New features 

“If you’re shopping for at-home hair colour, you can see what different shades from the L’Oreal suite of brands might look like on you or a model who resonates with you. Other brands, like Splat and Revlon, will be available to try on soon,” Google said in a blog post

Users will also have the convenience of using Google’s AR beauty tools outside of the Google app. Once the hair and foundation categories are available, they can access them from any mobile browser in the US. 

“Thanks to advancements in our AR technology, you can now use these features in more places, too. In addition to the Google app, you can access our AR hair and foundation tools from any mobile browser in the U.S. AR lip and eye makeup will also be available on the mobile web in the coming weeks,” said Google. 

An inclusive experience 

In addition, brands have the option to employ these AR beauty tools instead of the usual product images used in Google Shopping ads. This offers potential customers a more inclusive experience, ensuring they don’t see ads that present cosmetics on a skin tone that doesn’t match their own.

However, these Google AR Beauty ads showcase products on various models and can’t be virtually applied by the user. Lip and eye products will be the initial advertising tools to roll out, with foundation shades expected to come soon. 

Ultimately, AR beauty tools are still relatively specialised, despite attempts from brands like L’Oréal and Maybelline to make the experience more popular. Several well-known cosmetics brands, like CoverGirl, Dior Beauty, Fenty Beauty, Laura Mercier, and Makeup by Mario, have already been allowing customers to virtually try on their collections using Google’s AR beauty tools since the feature was introduced in 2020. 

Physical cosmetics stores like Sephora and Ulta have also been offering virtual makeup try-on experiences for years, but it’s taken some time for these features to gain traction online.

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