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Justt And Partner To Make Gaming And Crypto Transactions Safer

Both companies aim to pioneer a new standard for protection and revenue recovery

Smart chargeback automation platform Justt has partnered with software company to provide fraud protection and chargeback management capabilities tailored for high-risk digital transactions in gaming and cryptocurrency. 

With the global gaming industry experiencing rapid expansion and is projected to reach $545 billion in revenue by 2028, challenges like friendly fraud and unauthorised chargebacks related to in-app and in-game purchases persist with limited oversight.

The addition of payment systems and credit card-linked accounts on gaming platforms can result in accidental purchases and disagreements on subscription renewals, especially among younger gamers while bad actors take advantage of systems designed for instant payments.

Both Justt and aim to deliver comprehensive protection across every transaction lifecycle, from purchase to post-transaction dispute resolution. nSure is also integrating its AI-powered pre-transaction defences with Justt’s automated chargeback management. 

End-to-end protection 

Ofir Tahor, co-founder and CEO of says, “This partnership enables us to provide merchants the end-to-end protection they desperately need in high-risk verticals like gaming and crypto. Combining’s robust pre-transaction defenses with our proven post-transaction chargeback automation offers a truly unrivalled solution tailored to these rapidly growing industries.”

Crypto also introduces the risk of chargeback disputes, as buyers may dishonestly challenge card-to-crypto transactions in an attempt to recover losses caused by market fluctuations or scams. Justt’s collaboration with also offers tailored solutions to address these chargeback issues in gaming and cryptocurrency.

“At, we are relentless in our pursuit of helping merchants maximize revenue from digital transactions while minimizing fraud,” said Alex Zeltcer, co-founder and CEO of “This collaboration with Justt supercharges our capabilities by adding industry-leading chargeback management to our powerful pre-transaction protections.” 

With the rapid increase in gaming and cryptocurrency adoption, both companies believe it has become essential to take a proactive approach to managing fraud and chargebacks. Conversely, the substantial growth in in-game and in-app transactions, alongside the mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency payments, offers significant revenue opportunities but also carries the risk of substantial chargeback responsibility if not properly managed.

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