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Macy’s Takes Fashion To The Metaverse With New Virtual Experience

The brand aims to bring new experiences to life by creating immersive storytelling focused on fashion and style

Fashion brand Macy’s has launched mstylelab, a metaverse experience for digital fashion. In this virtual realm, there are various clothing choices from Macy’s latest ‘On 34th’ brand, creating a blend of the real and the digital. Everything a user sees in mstylelab is available for purchase. 

Interestingly, the clothing is showcased as if it were worn by invisible giants as opposed to regular avatars. At first, users can create a digital fabric, but can also access mstylelab by simply entering their username. Shoppers who spend enough time exploring the virtual world and gathering stars will have the opportunity to unlock a digital t-shirt that matches the digital fabric they’ve created.

While the digital fabric is not in the form of an NFT, there are future plans to potentially turn it into one. Every mstylelab account is equipped with a digital wallet address in preparation for future incoming NFTs. 

A Web3 strategy 

Dave Torres, VP of interactive marketing at Macy’s said in a post, “We are excited to launch mstylelab, the next evolution of our web3 digital strategy, creating a hub for style inspiration and discovery at the intersection of fashion and technology. As we grow and evolve the mstylelab digital platform and community, new activations and experiences will be brought to life creating immersive storytelling focused on fashion and style, in a fun and shoppable environment.” 

Macy’s 3D experience partner is Journee, a company with an impressive array of prominent brand clients, such as BMW, Clinique and H&M. In August, Journee joined forces with Venly to introduce a range of web3 features, including the addition of a wallet and NFTs. Also, there’s a customisable avatar that utilises Ready Player Me technology. 

“mstylelab will evolve over time to incorporate new immersive experiences and partnerships that will further ignite inspiration and discovery,” Macy’s wrote. 

Macy’s previously created NFTs related to its Thanksgiving Day Parade, including a metaverse experience last year. The company’s latest metaverse experience appears to have a more refined quality.  Also, it’s worth mentioning that the term ‘mstylelab’ is not exactly new and has been under the fashion brand for over a decade. 

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