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Gabber AI Companion Transforms Personal Interaction On Sidequest VR

Innovative artificial intelligence app claims to offer human-like conversations

Community-driven app store Sidequest VR has launched Gabber, an AI-powered companion that lets users utilise AI in their personal lives in a human-like manner. Fueled by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Gabber offers a selection of virtual avatars to engage in conversations, adapt and learn from a user’s interactions, and provide companionship. 

Gabber adapts to your conversation style and interests, offering a more personalised interaction as it learns from the users’ conversations. The virtual avatar is also available 24/7, ensuring users have someone to chat with whenever they seek a friendly conversation.

According to Sidequest, “It’s not just an AI avatar, it’s a friend, a confidant, and a companion. It’s the innovative solution for those times when you want to share your thoughts, brainstorm ideas, or just have a casual chat. Whether you’re feeling lonely, need a sounding board, or simply want to explore interesting topics, Gabber is there for you.” 

AI-powered avatars

Thanks to ChatGPT, Gabber covers various subjects, providing answers and sharing intriguing information with users. The platform also adds that its AI-powered avatar is emotionally responsive and attuned to a user’s emotional signals. This allows Gabber to offer empathetic responses when you require them, making it a supportive conversational partner.

Gabber also assures users that their interactions on the platform remain entirely confidential. Alongside a user-friendly interface that enhances a user’s interactions, making them more enjoyable. Users can download Gabber right away and delve into AI companionship. 

Sidequest has emphasised that Gabber is currently in its early access phase, indicating that it may not be a fully finished product. Adding that it’s important for users to manage their expectations and take this into account when offering their constructive and detailed feedback to contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of Gabber.

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