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More Than 600 Million People Use The Metaverse Every Month

A new report from specialist consulting firm Metaversed shows that Roblox and Fortnite currently dominate the sector

According to a new Q4 Metaverse Universe report by Metaversed, a metaverse consulting company, the nascent virtual space has amassed 600 million monthly active users. The report shows that from the start of Q3 to the start of Q4, there was a 10.4% increase in total Monthly Active Users (MAUs), rising from 549 million to 606.4 million.

The Universe chart analysis provides a visual representation of every virtual world in the metaverse. It displays information such as the launch date, MAUs, platform type (Web2 or Web3), and the access method (via browser/app or VR headset) for each virtual world.

According to Metaversed in a post, “We’ve been tracking these numbers since 2006 and the MAU numbers are obtained directly from the platform operators, sourced from financial statements and press releases or estimated where applicable.” 

The diagram displayed represents the section of the Universe chart dedicated to Web2 virtual worlds that are accessible through a browser or application. This segment constitutes the largest and most vibrant component of the Metaverse market and includes the prominent ‘Big 3′ platforms of Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft.

Roblox and Fortnite dominate 

Metaversed went on to state in its research that during Q4, Roblox achieved a significant milestone, surpassing 250 million MAUs, marking a quarterly increase of 20 million. This positions Roblox as the largest virtual world within the metaverse. Fortnite, its closest rival, also experienced growth, elevating its MAUs from 85 million to 90 million within the same timeframe. These two platforms are currently in fierce competition for the attention of both users and advertisers.

Within this group, it’s essential to monitor other noteworthy virtual worlds such as Zepeto and Avakin Life, boasting 20 million and 10 million MAUs respectively. The table below provides a breakdown of quarterly MAU figures across different segments of the metaverse.

The table provided above highlights the prevalence of Web2 virtual worlds in the Metaverse when considering MAUs. At the beginning of Q4 2023, Web2 virtual worlds collectively commanded a significant 597.6 million MAUs, representing a dominating 98.5% of the total user base.

Web3 and the metaverse 

Conversely, Web3 maintains a relatively limited presence in the Metaverse arena, with a humble 8.8 million MAUs in the same timeframe.

By the fourth quarter, there was a significant rise in MAUs who engaged with the metaverse using virtual reality (VR) headsets. The leading force in this segment is VRChat, marking a remarkable achievement with 20 million MAUs in this period.

The metaverse consulting firm adds that it expects substantial growth in this metric in the near future, primarily propelled by the integration of Roblox on the Meta Quest 2, which is expected to accelerate further expansion. 

You can request full access to the Metaverse Universe Charts here.

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