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Little Learning Machines Lets Users Train, Befriend And Solve Quests With AI Robots

Players can teach their robots new skills in the Training Cloud and then watch them learn to complete complex missions

Innovative studio lab blending artificial intelligence with storytelling, Transitional Forms has revealed the Steam Early Access release of Little Learning Machines. Empowering players to educate their own robots through real-time neural networks, Little Learning Machines is a reinforcement learning game. 

In the game, players collaborate with their robots to overcome increasingly complex challenges. Little Learning Machines also narrates the tale of Imogen, a cosmic crystal that crashes onto an island planet inhabited by ancient, motionless robots. Imogen can utilise fragments of their deteriorating bodies to revive them, hoping to assist these robots in navigating this peculiar and unfamiliar world.

These newly discovered robots start with little to no knowledge and will need training, a process that unfolds in the mystical realm known as the Training Cloud. Here, the love and fear rewards system provides positive and negative reinforcement and plays a crucial role. As the neural network of each robot matures, distinct personalities and abilities will gradually surface.

Collaborate with friends 

Every quest introduces fresh, theme-specific islands for exploration, chances to enhance the robots’ skills in progressively intricate tasks and additional challenges to conquer. Users can train up to nine bots and they have the option to engage with the world of Little Learning Machines independently or collaboratively.

The user-friendly love/fear rewards system is one of the game’s key features as it ensures that players of all levels can explore Little Learning Machine’s world and train up to nine robots together, with the ability to interact with the world of Little Learning Machines both independently or with friends. 

Little Learning Machines will launch with 12 islands and up to 24 quests for players. The Early Access is currently available via Steam for $19.99. 

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