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KISS Products Brings imPRESS Beauty To The Metaverse

3D virtual commerce platform ByondXR launches Virtual Island Resort Experience

Nail and lashes beauty company Kiss Products has entered the metaverse in partnership with ByondXR, a 3D virtual commerce platform to launch the imPRESS Beauty Virtual Island Resort Experience.

The imPRESS Beauty Press & Go oasis marks the brand’s debut in the metaverse, providing consumers with a new gateway to a virtual beach resort. Within this digital realm, users can discover products, access information, engage in games and unlock exclusive offers and discounts. 

This immersive online shopping experience offers an interactive way to explore imPRESS Beauty‘s offerings. More than a decade ago, imPRESS Press-On Manicure made its debut as a no-glue-needed press-on nail solution. Since then, the brand has evolved to include imPRESS Falsies, a one-step false lash product that requires no glue. 

An interactive experience 

Annette DeVita-Goldstein, SVP of global marketing says, “2023 has been a year of expansion for the imPRESS portfolio. Not only have we launched exciting, game-changing new products this year,  but this summer we brought the island’s beach vibe to New York City with the brand’s first-ever pop-up experience. Now, we are    bringing a virtual island resort to our customers via an interactive metaverse experience.”

The imPRESS Beauty Virtual Island Resort offers three distinct VIP zones dedicated to different product lines: Manicure, Pedicure and Falsies. Upon arrival at the virtual island resort, users are welcomed by Janene Mascarella, Editor-in-Chief of Beautify.Tips by KISS, in the resort lobby. 

Visitors are then encouraged to explore each VIP zone, including the manicure suite with its walk-in closet, the pedicure cabana and the lash salon/spa. Within each zone, interactive games are available for users to play, allowing them to unlock prizes and browse the products.

“We’ve created a vibrant and interactive beach resort experience where users can step into the virtual cabana, snap a ‘selfie’ using AI-powered Avatar and instantly share this memorable photo online, linking back to the entire experience. It doesn’t stop there – we’ve also engaged users with playful memory games and insightful video quizzes,” said Noam Levavi, co-founder and CEO of ByondXR.

The imPRESS Beauty Virtual Island Resort will be accessible via the official website and will be live for one year.

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