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Arvizio’s AR Instructor Gets AI-Driven Visual Inspection Capabilities

The company is offering custom development and will craft immersive solutions tailored to a company’s business goals

Advanced software company for augmented and mixed reality solutions Arvizio has unveiled an AI-driven enhancement to its platform. This new feature uses advanced technology to check if work instructions were done right and make sure tasks are of better quality.

These new capabilities make Arvizio even more committed to changing how businesses operate, maintain, train, and do field service. The AI-powered visual check features are also set to redefine AR training and work instructions. 

Currently, leaders in operations and field service can create engaging training sessions that find and show mistakes automatically, making sure the most important tasks are executed perfectly.

Alex Berlin, president and CEO of Arvizio said, “The integration of AI-driven visual inspection recognition and anomaly detection is a game-changer. Our AR Instructor was already an invaluable tool for enterprises, but with this addition, we’re ensuring that training and operations are not just immersive but also accurate and improve quality assurance.”

Features of the AI Visual Inspection

  • Cloud service: Uses AI to train images and instantly find problems by comparing them with known data. 
  • AR-Powered Data Collection: Expands the AR Instructor app to take and label images for training data, using augmented reality to help with capturing images.
  • Automatic Anomaly Detection: This feature finds and points out unusual things in visuals automatically, making sure trainees and operators quickly know if something’s not normal.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrates perfectly with the current AR Instructor features like step-by-step guidance and easy content creation, giving users a complete AR experience.

These AI improvements tackle the skills gap in today’s workforce. With its upgraded AR Instructor, Arvizio aims to close this gap by providing more accurate and detailed training and operational solutions.

The company’s AR Instructor is a cross-platform solution that works on many different AR/VR devices, including Microsoft HoloLens 2, Magic Leap 2, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. Arvizio plans to support even more headsets like Quest 3, Vive XR Elite and those using Qualcomm Snapdragon Spaces.

Arvizio is offering to make personalised solutions that match a company’s business goals. With its knowledge in AR/VR, mixed reality, AI, and more, it creates digital solutions and helps integrate them into an existing IT system for a seamless digital transition.

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