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Bytes Adds AI-Driven Characters With Plug’n’Play Software

Partners with five top artificial intelligence voice companies for ease-of-use and quality of NPCs

AI storytelling platform has announced partnerships with five leading AI voice companies: Cereproc, Coqui, Gemelo, Replica Studios, and Resemble. The agreement will give customers direct access to voices from these partners to use in games, interactive entertainment, education and training experiences. 

In total, creators will be able to choose from over 1,000 voices for their Charisma-powered projects. Charisma’s voice selection interface allows users to filter by language, accent, gender and provider to find the perfect voices for their characters. 

To help integrate these voices easily, has released Plug ’n’ Play software that makes it easy to connect Charisma stories directly to Unity and Unreal Engine projects. This Plug ‘n’ Play software includes code that seamlessly enables avatar creation, lip sync and animation, speech-to-text, and interactions with multiple characters on-screen simultaneously. CEO Guy Gadney said: “Imagine you want to create a scene where the player walks into a cafe full of characters. With’s new Plug ‘n’ Play software, this is now easier than ever. Create a cast of characters on our storytelling platform with personalities, narrative missions and state-of-the-art dynamic voices, and link them up to avatars in games engines in a few simple steps.

“Our unique, flexible combination of scripted and generative dialogue allows players to really converse with characters, who’ll respond in context and in character as part of a greater story experience.

“The creative opportunities for storytelling are immense. Now audiences can be cast as characters in stories, increasing the intensity and believability of immersive experiences, and pioneering a new form of interactive storytelling. This is what has enabled for writers and producers across media, games and experiential industries.” makes bold claims to power the future of interactive storytelling in games, interactive entertainment, education and training experiences. This latest development makes it easier for developers and designers to integrate characters into their projects with seamless avatar creation, lip sync and animation, speech-to-text, and interactions with multiple characters on-screen simultaneously.

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Steve is an award-winning editor and copywriter with more than 20 years’ experience specialising in consumer technology and video games. With a career spanning from the first PlayStation to the latest in VR, he's proud to be a lifelong gamer.

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