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Amazon Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football Gets AI Features

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks change the way viewers watch NFL matches

Prime Video is revolutionising Thursday Night Football this season with new AI-powered features. The new features will be available via several TNF offerings, including the TNF weekly alternate stream, which features Prime Vision with Next Gen Stats. Next Gen Stats utilises sensors throughout the stadium, which track tags within each player’s shoulder pads to capture players’ speed, acceleration and location in real-time.

Prime Vision with Next Gen Stats displays on-screen graphic overlays to clearly show game developments and further immerse viewers. The tech will now feature Prime Targets in which a machine learning model highlights which receivers have created separation from defenders in their paths and are positioned to convert at first down. This allows viewers to read developing plays in real-time.

Another new AI feature coming to Prime Vision is 4th Down Decision Guide. This feature puts NFL fans in the coach’s shoes by determining how likely it is that the viewer’s choice will lead to success. Machine learning calculates the chances of each option and how it would affect the game’s outcome. Defensive Alerts is a new feature that utilises a neural network powered by generative AI that tracks the movements of defensive players before the snap. Prime Vision’s Defensive Alerts feature views the player’s accelerations and identifies on screen which players are likely to rush the quarterback with a red circle.

New AI Features Include Key Plays and Rapid Recap

Another new AI feature coming to Prime Vision with Next Gen Stats this season is Key Plays. Key Plays uses AI and machine learning to allow viewers to watch in-game highlights and key moments while watching the game. Additionally, the new Rapid Recap feature aids viewers who tune in after the game start by allowing them to view up to 13 highlights. Viewers can skip or rewatch any play within the queue or skip ahead to the live game.

X-Ray is a feature familiar to Prime users that allows them to view actor bios, character backstories and more when watching movies and shows. Now Prime is bringing X-Ray to Thursday Night Football, allowing fans to track Next Gen Stats, watch replays on demand and view player and team info. The X-Ray feature will also enable viewers to purchase NFL merchandise and predict game outcomes via fan polls.

Finally, Prime Vision with Next Gen Stats is adding a Pressure Probability feature. This new feature analyses the pressure on a quarterback and how it changes after the snap.

“If you want to go deep on the AI-powered analytics – we got you. If you just want to sit back and watch the game in the traditional way, TNF has that, too,” says Julie Souza, head of Sports, Global Professional Services at AWS. “We’re heading to a place where fans can choose how they want to enjoy the game, and I think that’s really exciting.”

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