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Earn Alliance Launches Mint Marathon Web3 Game Event For Users

Blockchain discoverability platform launches bold user acquisition program, offering free NFTs from 16 games

Web3 game aggregator and discoverability platform Earn Alliance has launched a Mint Marathon event that’ll span three weeks from September 18th to October 8th, 2023. During the event, users will have an exclusive opportunity to mint free NFTs from 16 games, with each week dedicated to different blockchain networks including Polygon, Immutable and Binance

The main aim of the Mint Marathon is to foster cross-promotion with different games and further emphasise the potential of Web3 gaming. This event will also provide users with a chance to explore and engage with a diverse array of Web3 games and even play some themselves. 

All participating games

Up to 16 games will be featured during the event and across three blockchain networks: 

  • Born to Die
  • MagicCraft
  • Gravity
  • Ultimate Champions
  • Kingdom Story
  • Oxya Origin
  • Legends of Elysium
  • Sunflower Land
  • Last Resort
  • Meta Apes
  • Shutdown
  • The Fabled
  • Crop Bytes
  • The Last Monarchy
  • My NFT Wars
  • Medieval Empires

Joseph Cooper, founder and CEO of Earn Alliance said, “Collaborating with these 16 games from three different blockchain networks demonstrates our dedication to helping our users discover web3 games. I was personally surprised how many games are playable today and look forward to the incredible experiences that will be shared during the Mint Marathon.”

Mint Marathon calendar 

Before each game’s Mint Event, users will have three days to complete the requirements to mint, known as missions. To earn a blockchain network badge, users must successfully complete at least three Mint Events each week.

For instance, if a user completes at least three Mint Events during Binance Week, which runs from September 18th to 23rd, they can mint the BNB badge between September 21st and 23rd. Minting the badge gives users access to exclusive raffles tailored to the Binance blockchain network, with the chance to win prizes.

Prizes to win

The event will also randomly select 300 users to win prizes, with 100 users selected from each blockchain network who have minted the corresponding badge. 

BNB Badge Raffle prizes:

  • 10 users will receive $20 in BNB.
  • 30 users will be rewarded with 10 Ally tokens.
  • 30 users will gain 1 Upgrade Ticket.
  • 30 users will receive 250 Gold.

Polygon Badge Raffle

  • 10 users will receive $20 in MATIC.
  • 30 users will be rewarded with 10 Ally tokens.
  • 30 users will gain 1 Upgrade Ticket.
  • 30 users will receive 250 Gold.

Immutable Badge Raffle

  • 10 users will receive $20 in IMX.
  • 30 users will be rewarded with 10 Ally tokens.
  • 30 users will gain 1 Upgrade Ticket.
  • 30 users will receive 250 Gold.

For more information, see the official website.

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