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China Reveals Three-Year Plan To Develop Metaverse Industry

The country wants to construct an industrial metaverse to foster new growth and advancements in manufacturing

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

In its long-term commitment to building a digital future, China has launched a three-year action plan to encourage the development of its metaverse industry. The East Asian giant is looking to integrate AI, cloud computing, blockchain and VR into the metaverse. 

According to the South China Morning Post, a new policy document from five Chinese ministries including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), states that the country’s goal is building, “Three to five industrial clusters” around these nascent technologies by 2025 while focusing on, “Breakthrough applications and governance.”

The strategy consists of five key objectives for companies within the country: Developing advanced technological and industrial systems, crafting a 3D interactive industrial metaverse, designing engaging digital life applications, establishing comprehensive industrial support systems, and putting in place a secure and trustworthy industrial governance framework.

Solidifying its metaverse ambitions 

China also aims to incorporate metaverse development into different sectors of the economy, such as home appliances, automotive, and aerospace industries, as outlined in the plan. Manufacturing sectors like steel and textiles will also leverage this technology to improve scheduling, perform material calculations and streamline various aspects of the production process.

The three-year plan describes the metaverse as an immersive, interconnected environment where the digital and physical realms converge and their economies merge. The plan also highlights that the metaverse is projected to drive the advancement of next-gen internet technologies. 

Ever since the metaverse became a highly talked about virtual world that could become, “The future of the internet,” China has been making moves and pushing both the metaverse and Web3 narrative as it aims to construct a broad industrial metaverse to foster new growth and advancements in manufacturing. 

The document shows that China’s plan is to, “Seize the opportunity of the global acceleration of the metaverse industry,” as it has the potential to, “Lead the next generation of internet development, and accelerate the upgrade of the manufacturing industry to be more advanced, intelligent and greener.” 

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